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Bad news - an injury

Regrettably, Forest General (Harry) has had an injury while in training.  It is a tear (a lesion) in a tendon (the superficial digital flexor tendon) in his right fore leg.  It is a fairly serious injury which, regrettably, is stalling his career as a racehorse.

He has not been lame with it, but that is apparently fairly common with this injury.  Rather, his trainer Sarah Gould noticed heat in his leg.  She wisely called out his vet who identified the lesion by ultrasound scans.  Our own vets at home have seen the scan images and confirmed the opinion.  No incident is known to have preceded the injury; no tripping or knocking into a jump, for example.  He has however been in advanced training for racing which inevitably puts a large load on a horse’s legs.

The treatment is box rest for three months with a short time walking each day gradually increasing and, at the end of three months, rescanning to see how the tendon is recovering.  Then he is likely to be turned out in a field probabl…

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