Pleased with his first trial

Our horse Forest General, stable name Harry, raced for the first time over jumps in an Open Maiden (not won before) race at Buckfastleigh point-to-point course in Devon on Sunday 18 November.  He was ridden by experienced amateur jockey Martin McIntyre in our colours of grey and pink.

Harry took the took jumps successfully and with confidence as if he were an experienced racer, which is all credit to pre-trainer Sarah Gould for having schooled him over practice jumps rigorously and jockey Martin who took the trouble to come to Sarah’s yard and work him over the jumps in the weeks before the race.

Harry looked at everything around him, which is a characteristic he has always had, and kept up with the field for 2 miles out of the 2.5 miles.
When he tired, Martin rightly pulled him up before the last two jumps.  He came away with a positive experience and all involved were pleased as punch with his first trial.